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2025 4-Star ATH Keylan Moses: University Lab High School (LA)

University Lab High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is home to a rising star in the world of football—Keylan "Key" Moses. Standing at an impressive 6'3" and weighing 215 pounds, Moses has been making waves as a 4-star athlete. Recently, we had the opportunity to speak with him about his football journey and his plans for the future.

Moses's love for football began at a young age, inspired by his older brother's involvement in the sport. "I started playing football around 5 years old," Moses shared. "What inspired me was seeing my older brother play and wanting to be just like him." This early exposure set the stage for Moses's determination and passion for the game.

As the recruiting process unfolds, Moses remains optimistic, although he admits it can be a bit stressful at times. "It's going pretty well. It's getting a little stressful, but I know there's all fun at the end, so I'm ready for it," Moses revealed. His talent and potential have caught the attention of numerous power 5 schools, resulting in 25+ offers. While he plans to commit during his senior year, Moses remains focused on making the best decision for his future.

When considering different schools, Moses has a clear set of priorities. "Some key factors when looking into a school is that are they really for me," Moses explained. "Do they care about the person more than the player. I look for a more loyalty aspect than anything because I wanna be able to go back to my school and still be loved. I also wanna be coached hard and loved hard from the staff there." It's evident that Moses values not only his athletic development but also the support and genuine care he receives from his future college.

Beyond football, Moses has aspirations for life after the game. While he would love to play forever, he acknowledges the reality that it's impossible. When asked about his plans, Moses expressed interest in staying connected to the world of sports. "Of course, I'd love to play forever, but everybody knows that's definitely impossible," Moses acknowledged. "So I think I'll stick by or closer to sports by broadcasting or going into sports medicine." With his dedication and passion, Moses is undoubtedly setting himself up for success, both on and off the field.

Keylan "Key" Moses is an exceptional athlete with a bright future ahead. As he navigates the recruiting process and prepares for the next chapter of his life, one thing is certain—he will leave a lasting impact wherever he goes. Football fans and college coaches alike eagerly await his decision, knowing that Moses has the potential to become a standout player and a valuable asset to any team.

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