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2025 3-Star WR Jermarj Bell: North Side HS (MS)

Shelby, Mississippi - In the heart of Shelby, Mississippi, a rising star on the gridiron is capturing attention with his electrifying plays and unyielding dedication. Meet Jermarj Bell, a 3-star wide receiver from North Side High School, whose passion for football runs deep in his veins.

"I been playing football ever since I was 5 years old. My whole family played football, and that's why I started playing football," Bell reminisced, reflecting on his journey into the sport.

Aside from the guidance of his high school coaches, Bell attributes much of his development to his collaborations with 7v7 coaches Shay Hodge and Mike Espy. "I collaborate with my 7v7 coaches Shay Hodge and Mike Espy," he shared. "Aside from football, I play baseball, basketball, and run track!"

With a wide array of athletic talents, Bell's recruiting process has begun to gain momentum. "My recruiting process going slow but God has a plan," he affirmed. Since its commencement in April 2023, several institutions have extended offers to him, including Mississippi Valley State University, Florida Central Tech, and Florida State Coastal Cobras.

As Bell gears up for the upcoming football season, his dedication knows no bounds. "I been working on my craft every day!!!" he exclaimed, highlighting his commitment to honing his skills during the off-season.

Beyond the football field, Bell's uniqueness shines through his love for blues music and admiration for artist Rod Wave. "My music is blues type music. My favorite artist is Rod Wave," he shared. And when he's not dominating on the gridiron, Bell finds solace in video games, a source of relaxation after practice or a tough day.

As Jermarj Bell continues to make waves in the world of football, his multifaceted talents and unwavering dedication set him apart, promising an exciting journey ahead both on and off the field.

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