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2025 3-Star RB Tre Leonard: West Florence High School (SC)

Meet Tre Leonard, the 5'11" and 180lbs 3-Star Running Back from West Florence High School in South Carolina is making a name for himself on the gridiron and beyond.

"I started playing flag football at 6 and tackle around 8. Can’t lie I was a big WWE fan and I just wanted to hit somebody so football helped with that. And once I started playing I kinda fell in love with it," Tre Leonard said when asked about his early days in the sport.

His love for the game has been fostered by a team of dedicated coaches and trainers who have played a significant role in his development. "The list is long but my trainers Anthony Waters (former Clemson star), Antonio Jones, AC Whaley, and Eric Linton have all helped with sharpening my skills. My current coaches at West Florence High are all great; they are helping develop my strengths and strengthening my weaknesses. Head Coach Jenerette and the entire staff have been great," Leonard shared.

With a remarkable 4.1 GPA, Tre Leonard is proving to be a standout both on and off the field. As the recruiting process unfolds, he remains patient, trusting that his skills and hard work will speak for themselves. "The recruiting process has been a journey, but I’m realizing each day that I have to remain patient and allow my film to do the work for me. Right now, I’m not too worried about the process; I’m just focusing on helping my team get better each week. I’m trusting that everything else will fall in place. I started camping as a freshman and kept doing whatever I could to get noticed. I have a good bit of offers now, but again, I’m all in with my team and focusing on winning," he explained.

Beyond the football field, Tre Leonard enjoys making beats and cherishes spending time with friends. "After a long week of practice, it’s tough to not want to rest during the weekends, but I make sure I find time to chill and still be a teenager," Leonard shared.

His father serves as a profound role model, instilling in him the values of helping others and making a positive impact on people's lives. "My father is my biggest role model. I look up to him; of course, he loves helping people, and it’s kinda easy to follow those steps as an athlete and person. I know football won’t last forever, so I just want to have a positive impact on others and help people," Leonard revealed.

Tre Leonard's journey as a 3-Star Running Back may be unique, but his dedication, passion for the game, and commitment to personal growth make him a remarkable athlete to watch. As he continues to make strides in his football career, there's no doubt that he'll leave a lasting impact both on and off the field.

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