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2025 3-Star RB Cale Breslin: Faith Lutheran HS (NV)

Las Vegas, Nevada - Faith Lutheran High School's Cale Breslin is not just another name in the football world; he's a rising star with a passion for the game and an unwavering dedication to excellence. At 5'11" and 188 pounds, this 3-star running back has been making waves both on the field and in the recruiting circuit. In an exclusive interview, Breslin shared insights into his journey and what drives him forward.

"I started playing football at nine years old. What sparked my interest in football was watching Marshawn Lynch run the ball for the Seattle Seahawks. Marshawn really inspired me to be a running back," Breslin reminisced about his early days on the gridiron.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of mentors and trainers in his development, Breslin expressed gratitude towards those who have shaped his journey. "Having great coaches and trainers in your corner is the key to success," he emphasized. From Patrick Jackson in Summerville, SC, to Michael Waters and Reggie Hobson in Las Vegas, NV, Breslin credits each for contributing to his growth.

Regarding the recruiting process, Breslin revealed, "The recruiting process has been great and has really picked up lately." With offers from schools like Syracuse University and Indiana University, he's drawn interest from several others across the country. However, he remains focused on his timeline for commitment, aiming for a decision around August.

As for his offseason regimen, Breslin leaves no stone unturned in his pursuit of excellence. "I've been sticking to the plan of developing elite speed and strength. I don't miss a day if I can help it," he affirmed. His dedication to structured training sessions and focus on recovery sets him apart from the competition.

Off the field, Breslin finds solace in simplicity. "Outside of sports, I'm very chill and stay in my own lane. I play a lot of video games, mostly Call of Duty and Madden, and watch YouTube for fun," he shared, offering a glimpse into his downtime pursuits.

With role models like his parents and a work ethic that knows no bounds, Cale Breslin embodies the spirit of determination and dedication both on and off the field. As he continues to make strides in his football career, one thing remains certain – the future is bright for this young athlete from Las Vegas.

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