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2025 3-Star OL Peter Langi: Archbishop Riordan (CA)

At 6'7" and 330lbs, Peter Langi, a 3-star offensive tackle from Archbishop Riordan High School in California, is making waves in the football world. In an exclusive interview, Langi shared his journey and the factors that have shaped him into the player he is today.

"I first started playing when I was 4 years old. I was always the biggest one on the team, so I had to play up with 7 and 8-year-olds, but what really sparked my interest was the physicality and getting to hit someone," Langi revealed about his early introduction to football.

Throughout his football career, Langi had the support of dedicated coaches and trainers who played a significant role in his development. "Man, where do I begin? All my youth coaches, high school coaches, and my 5v5 team (stag elite) coaches really helped me develop as a player by getting better every day, and I'm still learning more and more every day!" he exclaimed gratefully.

The recruiting process hasn't been without its challenges, but Langi remains optimistic and grounded in his faith. "I thank GOD for all these opportunities he has given me throughout my recruitment process. It did start a little slow, but now it's starting to pick up," Langi said, expressing gratitude for the opportunities that lie ahead.

Despite his dedication to football, Langi also enjoys balancing his personal life. "Other than football, I like to play video games and spend time with my family cause during football season I rarely see them due to all the practices and games," he revealed, emphasizing the importance of maintaining connections with loved ones.

For Langi, family serves as both role models and inspirations. He admires their unwavering support and sacrifices, driving him to push harder and strive for greatness. "My role models and inspirations are my family because they do all they can for me, and all the sacrifices and hard work they do make me want to go harder!" he said with admiration.

As Peter Langi continues to impress on the field and grow as a player, he remains grounded and focused, showing tremendous promise for his future in football. Keep an eye on this rising star as he takes the football world by storm!

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