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2024 WR: Dominic "Dom" Dorwart (MD)

Dominic Dorwart, affectionately known as Dom, has been on an incredible journey in high school football. Reflecting on his growth, he shares, "From transferring from my local high school to Ryken was a big shock. It has been a great experience, and playing football at Ryken has opened so many doors for my future. I had a high ceiling, and I am still rising to the occasion!"

Among the memorable moments of his high school football career, Dom cherishes winning the WCAC championship as a sophomore. Recalling another standout game, he proudly mentions, "Playing in Rutgers stadium, scoring three touchdowns and putting 50 on the scoreboard as a team was pretty dope!"

Describing his playing style, Dom draws inspiration from NFL receiver Stefon Diggs, explaining, "I play super fast and have the ability to take the top off the defense but also incorporate myself in the quick game for big yardage! My strength is definitely my hands and route running!"

On the recruitment front, Dom shares, "I have received interest from colleges in all levels of Division 1. I currently have 21 offers from D1 schools like UCONN, JMU, Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth, Bucknell, NC A&T, and UNC Charlotte to name a few." He emphasizes the importance of being part of something special and prioritizing education when considering college football options.

Reflecting on the recruitment process, Dom advises, "Be patient, that was my biggest challenge within the recruitment process. Not focusing on my journey and grind. Worrying about what I don’t have yet." He also recognizes the significance of embracing the present and understanding that everyone's journey unfolds differently.

Balancing academics and athletics has been a smooth endeavor for Dom, who attributes it to time management. He shares, "Knowing when you have free time, use it productively. That is just a part of acclimating to high school."

When it comes to his development as a football player, Dom acknowledges the impact of coaches, mentors, and teammates. He expresses gratitude for Coach Mac, Coach Roc, and Coach Wynn, who have played significant roles in his growth. Dom also recognizes the influence of his teammates, saying, "My teammates have had a huge influence on this process as well. The whole team I see as a fam."

The recruitment process itself has been a major challenge for Dom, but he has learned to focus on the sport rather than stress about its intricacies. He advises fellow athletes, "It is what you make it, so just play football!"

Looking ahead to his final high school football season, Dom's goal is clear: "I want to win the conference championship with my guys and go out big! Not really worried about stats because I know they’ll come but just going out and having fun with the team and win football games!"

Beyond football, Dom aspires to have a positive impact on the youth in his community. He shares, "I want to reach as many people as possible and help them in any way I can! Doing community work is important to me, to be a mentor and role model to struggling kids."

As Dominic Dorwart prepares for his next chapter, he stands poised to make his mark both on and off the field. With a commitment to growth, a resilient spirit, and a passion for creating positive change, Dom is ready to leave a lasting legacy as he continues his football journey.

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