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2024 RB Azorion Sterling: Cornerstone Christian School (TX)

Azorion Sterling, a talented and driven running back from Cornerstone Christian School in Texas, is gearing up for his senior year of high school football with a clear vision in mind. Standing at 5'9" and weighing 170 pounds, Sterling is a force to be reckoned with on the field. Currently uncommitted, he is determined to make a lasting impression in his final season.

When asked about his goals and aspirations for his senior year, Sterling responded with unwavering determination. "As I approach my senior year, I have several goals. I want to improve in every aspect of the game," he said. "A couple of milestones I would like to reach are to rush for 1000 yards for the season and also achieve at least 500 reception yards."

Not content with solely playing as a running back, Sterling is willing to take on new challenges to benefit his team. "While RB is my passion and where I feel I can best help my team, I will be playing WR as well," he stated. This versatility and commitment to his team's success are admirable qualities that will undoubtedly catch the attention of college recruiters.

Speaking of the recruiting process, Sterling expressed some frustration with its pace but remained positive. "The recruiting process has been very slow," he admitted. "I really feel like I'm being slept on, but I'm trying to remain positive." Despite the slow progress, Sterling remains grateful for the two offers he has received from SAGU and Judson University. He firmly believes that recruiters will soon recognize his immense talent and potential. "I'm hoping recruiting picks up because someone is definitely going to get a steal... I PROMISE THAT," he emphasized. Sterling's confidence and determination shine through, and his performance on the field speaks for itself.

While football takes center stage in his life, Sterling is aware of the importance of planning for the future. When asked about his plans and interests outside of the sport, he revealed his passion for academic and personal pursuits. "Football is what I'm hoping is going to help me get into college," he shared. "My goal while I'm in college is to graduate and get my degree in business." Sterling is particularly intrigued by the fields of real estate and construction business, inspired by his father's career in law enforcement. He also expressed an interest in criminal justice, showcasing his diverse range of interests beyond the gridiron.

Azorion Sterling's dedication to improving his game, his ambition to succeed in college, and his wide range of interests make him an exceptional athlete both on and off the field. As the recruiting process unfolds, it is only a matter of time before Sterling finds the right college that values his talent and potential. Keep an eye on this rising star from Cornerstone Christian School, as he promises to make a significant impact wherever he lands.

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