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2024 RB/Safety Kendrick Jordan: Luverne High School (AL)

Luverne, AL – At just 6'1" and 185lbs, Kendrick Jordan might seem like an ordinary high school student, but the standout athlete from Luverne High School is proving that he's anything but. With a passion for football ignited from a young age, Jordan's determination and dedication have set him on a path toward greatness.

"I been playing since peewee days but I started taking it serious when I realized I could turn my family's situation around," says Jordan, reflecting on his journey into the sport.

Behind every great athlete stands influential coaches, and for Jordan, Coach Niguel Jones and Coach Arrid Gregory have played pivotal roles in his development. "They've gone above and beyond for me on and off the field even till this day," Jordan remarks with gratitude.

Notably, Dex Preps has also joined Jordan's corner, providing essential support in his recruiting process. "I wanna thank Dex Preps for believing in me enough to help me with my recruiting process and believing in me," he adds.

As the recruiting process unfolds, Jordan acknowledges that the journey has been steady. "It's been okay... I got a few coaches that have reached out to me, but I only have 2 offers so far from a D2 and a D3," he shares.

While football commands much of his attention, Jordan does find time for a few other interests. "I don’t have a lot of hobbies outside of football and basketball, but I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends," he reveals. His commitment to staying focused is clear, recognizing that he must "stay out of the mix" to ensure his path remains unswayed.

Beyond the field, Kendrick Jordan's inspirations take a personal turn. "A big role model for me is my foster dad, Greg Adkins," he explains. Adkins has instilled a sense of compassion that has deeply impacted Jordan's character.

With a genuine heart and a drive to succeed, Kendrick Jordan's journey as both an athlete and a person is a testament to the power of hard work and the influence of strong role models. You can follow his journey and insights on Twitter @HSG_KENDO.

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