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2024 LB: Naquan Johnson (PA)

Wilkes-Barre, PA - Meet Naquan Johnson, the powerhouse linebacker hailing from Wilkes-Barre Area High School. Standing at an impressive 6'2" and weighing 235 pounds, Johnson's athletic prowess and determination have made him a force to be reckoned with on the football field.

As he enters his senior year of high school football, Johnson is fueled by a burning desire to leave an indelible mark on the game. When asked about his goals for the upcoming season, Johnson confidently stated, "My individual goal would be to lead the state in sacks and finish with over 100+ tackles. My team goal would be to make it to states." With his exceptional speed, strength, and tenacity, Johnson aims to dominate the field and propel his team to new heights.

The recruiting process has been an exciting journey for Johnson, who has garnered interest from several esteemed institutions. He currently holds offers from Army, Duquesne, Colgate, Richmond, Lehigh, and Fordham. Moreover, there is significant interest coming from colleges such as Duke, Monmouth, Rhode Island, Stony Brook, and others. When discussing his college preferences, Johnson revealed, "I am considering a college that I feel is the best fit for me and would make me feel like home and put me in the best position to be successful." With his eyes set on a future both on and off the field, Johnson is diligently evaluating each opportunity to ensure the perfect match for his aspirations.

Beyond his football career, Johnson possesses a keen entrepreneurial spirit. He has a passion for starting his own business and dreams of owning multiple ventures, including ventures in real estate. While football remains his primary focus, Johnson understands the importance of exploring other avenues. When asked about his plans outside of the sport, he shared, "If football doesn't work out, I would want to own multiple businesses and start real estate." His drive and determination extend far beyond the football field, positioning him for success in any path he chooses.

As Naquan Johnson prepares to embark on his senior season, it is clear that he is a rising star with the potential to make a lasting impact. With his eyes on the state record books and dreams of a successful collegiate career, Johnson's dedication and unwavering focus are sure to captivate fans and scouts alike. Whether he's pursuing his gridiron goals or exploring entrepreneurial endeavors, Johnson's star continues to shine brightly, illuminating a path to greatness.

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