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2024 EDGE Wyatt Gilmore: Narrows Down College Top 5!!

Wyatt Gilmore, the highly talented 6'4" and 250-pound EDGE player from Rogers High School in Minnesota, has recently announced his top 5 college choices. After careful consideration, Gilmore has identified Minnesota, Miami, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Kansas State as his frontrunners. In an exclusive interview, Gilmore shed light on his decision-making process and shared his insights on each program.

When asked about the specific factors that influenced his choices, Gilmore emphasized the importance of finding a college that would help him reach his full potential as a football player. "I want to go to a place that I know is going to develop me to be the best football player I can be to make it to the next level and have success," he stated. This commitment to growth and success indicates Gilmore's dedication to his craft and his eagerness to make a mark in the world of football.

Gilmore believes that his skills and strengths can align well with the football programs at any of his top choices. He exuded confidence, stating, "I am a player that I believe can fit into any defense, and I know that if I put in the effort and time, any of these coaches will develop me into a monster." This self-assurance reflects Gilmore's belief in his abilities and his trust in the coaching staffs at these esteemed institutions.

Beyond athletics, Gilmore also considered the academic and personal opportunities offered by his top choices. He highlighted the importance of the coaching staff and their impact on his decision, saying, "I really just think the coaches at all these programs are great people, and that's something that is really important because for me, it's the people, not the place." Gilmore recognizes the significance of building strong relationships with his coaches, which can shape his overall college experience and contribute to his personal growth.

As for his commitment timeline, Gilmore plans to take official visits to all five schools in June. He aims to make his final decision sometime in early July. This suggests that Gilmore wants to thoroughly evaluate each program and gather as much information as possible before making a well-informed choice.

Wyatt Gilmore's exceptional talent, combined with his thoughtful approach to college selection, has garnered attention from top football programs. With his commitment scheduled for early July, football fans and recruiters alike eagerly await the announcement that will shape the next chapter of Gilmore's football journey.

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