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2024 DE Grant Pettigrew: Mandarin HS (FL)

Jacksonville, Florida - In the world of high school football, one name is starting to gain attention: Grant Pettigrew. Standing tall at 6'4" and weighing 220 pounds, Pettigrew is a force to be reckoned with on the field. Attending Mandarin High School in Jacksonville, this young athlete's journey in football is one that is marked by passion, dedication, and an undeniable swagger.

Pettigrew's football journey began as a result of his love for competition and the allure of the sport's unique charisma. He shared, "I’ve always been an active kid. I loved competition and playing sports, but what sparked my interest in all honesty to play football was the swagger that came along with the sport, it just looked like the most fun to play."

Behind every successful athlete, there are coaches and mentors who play a pivotal role in their development. For Pettigrew, several names stand out. "One of the first coaches that told me I could go D1 was my defensive line coach, Coach Gamble," he explained. "He taught me all the basics. Along with Coach Cason, my DC, he really pushed me and taught me slants, putting me in a position to be great. My Assistant HC Coach Reed brought out my most physical side and conditioned me until I was a problem on the field. And my Head Coach Toby Bullock, who taught me important life lessons and how to be a man."

With the recruiting process well underway, Pettigrew's journey has only just begun. His recruitment started with Western Kentucky during the spring football season. "They were the first D1 school to recognize me and give me a chance," he said. As he stands on the cusp of a promising future, Pettigrew plans to take his game to the next level through visits and opportunities that lie ahead.

Beyond the gridiron, Pettigrew finds solace in his favorite hobbies, particularly weightlifting. "One of my favorite hobbies is lifting. I just love the feeling I get when I get that big weight up and I see the muscles popping," he shared. His dedication to the game is evident as he seamlessly balances his personal life with his commitment to football.

When it comes to inspirations, Pettigrew doesn't have to look far. "My coaches and my mom are my biggest role models," he emphasized. "They taught me to persevere and push through even when things aren’t going your way and stuff is hard. Nothing in life worth having comes easy."

As Grant Pettigrew continues to make waves on and off the field, his journey stands as a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and the guidance of mentors who believe in his potential. With his eyes set on the future, Pettigrew is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of football.

You can follow his journey on Twitter at @grant_pettigrew.

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