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2024 DB Zion Wayne: Olathe North HS (KS)

Olathe, KS - Meet Zion Wayne, the talented high school football player who is making waves at Olathe North High School. Standing at 5'10" and weighing 165lbs, Wayne has been dominating the field as a standout defensive back (DB). With a 3.7 GPA to his name, he proves that he is just as dedicated off the field as he is on it. As the countdown to his senior year begins, Wayne remains uncommitted but is attracting attention from several colleges.

As he embarks on his final high school football season, Wayne has set his goals high and shared his aspirations for the upcoming year. In his own words, he said, "My biggest goal, of course, is to win the state title, but my personal goals are to be an all-state DB, rack up more offers this summer going into my senior year, and at the end of the day compete at the highest level I possibly can." His determination to excel both individually and as part of a winning team shines through.

The recruiting process has recently gained momentum for Wayne, who received his first offer from MNU at a varsity combined camp in May. Several colleges have expressed interest in him, including Drake University, Western Illinois, Emporia State, and the University of Central Oklahoma, among others. When asked about his college decision, Wayne emphasized the importance of finding a place that feels like a family and allows him to play high-level football. His future plans are undeniably intertwined with the sport he loves.

While football holds a prominent place in his life, Wayne also has other plans and interests outside of the game. He intends to explore the field of Kinesiology or Physical Therapy, stating, "The study of how the body moves and functions in athletes is very interesting to me, and that is something that I look forward to learning more about going into college." With his academic and personal passions aligned, Wayne aims to pursue a career that complements his athletic endeavors.

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