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2024 CB Jylan Wiltz: Cecilia High School (LA)

Cecilia High School's star cornerback, Jylan Wiltz, is gearing up for an impressive senior year on the football field and beyond. With his eyes set on broader horizons, Wiltz is determined to enhance his skills, take on a leadership role, and catch the attention of college coaches during his journey.

"I plan on having a wider skillset than I had the previous years, becoming a better leader and gaining more attention from coaches during my journey," Wiltz stated with determination.

Last year, Wiltz showcased his talent with three interceptions, but he's setting the bar higher for his senior season. "I plan on trying to get 5+ interceptions and more tackles while overall becoming a better player," he confidently shared.

Off the field, Wiltz's recruiting process has seen a significant boost, and he's planning to make the most out of it. "I've been talking to many coaches, so I try to pick depending on the education of the school also and not just the football program," he wisely noted.

Beyond football, Jylan Wiltz has his sights set on his academic future. "Outside of football, I would love to further my education. I'm looking into majoring and being a computer technician in college," he expressed with a passion for learning and growth.

With his determination, talent, and focus on both sports and education, Jylan Wiltz is undoubtedly a name to watch as he embarks on an exciting journey towards success and greatness.

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