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2024 4-Star QB Luke Kromenhoek: Committed to FSU

Savannah, Georgia - Benedictine Military High School's standout quarterback, Luke Kromenhoek, is making waves in the football world. The 6'4", 195-pound athlete, known for his exceptional skills and determination, has captured the attention of coaches and fans alike. As an Adidas All-American and with a commitment to Florida State University, Kromenhoek's future in football looks promising.

When asked about his journey in football, Kromenhoek revealed, "I grew up in a football family, so it started early. My dad played at UMass and coached me and my older brother, Mac. Mac plays at Massachusetts Maritime Academy now." The influence of his family undoubtedly played a significant role in igniting Kromenhoek's passion for the game.

Behind every successful athlete, there are dedicated coaches and trainers who shape their skills. Kromenhoek acknowledged the impact of his mentors, stating, "I've been blessed with some great coaches. Coach Britt, my head coach, has made me mentally tougher. Coach Defilipes, my offensive coordinator and QB coach at Benedictine, has been instrumental in helping me understand defenses." Additionally, Kromenhoek highlighted his training sessions with Coach Denny Thompson at 6Points in Jacksonville, where he has seen remarkable improvements in his footwork and mechanics. "Definitely the best in my opinion," he added.

Kromenhoek's recruiting journey was an exciting one, with Florida State University ultimately winning his commitment. Reflecting on the process, he shared, "It all started at the last camp FSU had two years ago. I went with my mom and dad, determined to go out and get an offer. They were the first to believe in me and give me a shot." Expressing his loyalty, he explained, "There was always something about Coach Norvell and Coach Tokarz. Their fan base was also the best of them all. I fell in love with everything going on in Tally."

As Kromenhoek enters his senior football season, his personal goals reflect his commitment to excellence. "Honestly, my main focus is being a great senior leader and improving from last season," he revealed. With the pressure of back-to-back state championships, Kromenhoek remains focused on getting better every practice, every week. He aspires to lead his team back to the championship game and make his mark as a reliable leader on the field.

Beyond football, Kromenhoek is a down-to-earth individual who cherishes family time and personal interests. "I'm kind of a homebody and spend time with family when not at football," he shared. Engaging in video games with his friends and enjoying rounds of golf with his dad and brother are activities that provide him with a sense of relaxation and enjoyment.

Luke Kromenhoek's dedication, natural talent, and love for the game have set him on a path to success. With his commitment to Florida State University, football fans eagerly anticipate his collegiate career. As Kromenhoek embarks on his final year at Benedictine Military High School, he stands poised to leave a lasting legacy both on and off the field.

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