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2024 4-Star DT: Jowhar Franklin Jr. (LA)

In the world of college football recruitment, one name has been making waves - Jowhar Franklin Jr., the 6'6", 300-pound 4-Star Defensive Tackle hailing from John Curtis Christian High School in River Ridge, LA. Franklin recently announced his top three college choices, which include Tennessee, Ohio State, and Clemson. With his exceptional skills and impressive physical stature, he is undoubtedly a highly sought-after prospect.

When asked about the factors that influenced his top choices for college football recruitment, Franklin emphasized the importance of building strong relationships and bonds. "The factors or assets that stand out about these schools is the family-like bond that we have and how hard they have been recruiting me," Franklin explained. This personal touch and the dedication shown by these schools have caught his attention and left a lasting impression.

Franklin's confidence in his abilities is apparent when discussing how his skills and strengths align with the football programs at his top choices. "With the skills and knowledge I already have, I feel that I will fit in great and will be molded in the best way possible by my top choices with their great coaching staff," he stated. It is evident that Franklin believes in his potential and is excited about the prospect of further developing his talents within these football programs.

However, it is not just athletics that captivate Franklin's interest. He recognizes the importance of academics and personal growth beyond the football field. Franklin expressed his admiration for the academic opportunities offered by his top choices, stating, "Beyond sports, the academic side of things for these schools is amazing! I have done my research and I'm loving everything they have to offer academically." This holistic approach to his college decision demonstrates Franklin's desire to pursue a well-rounded education that extends beyond the realm of sports.

As for his timeline, Franklin has a clear plan in mind. He intends to make his commitment either in late July or early August. This shows his determination to carefully consider his options and make an informed decision that aligns with his goals and aspirations.

Jowhar Franklin Jr.'s journey in college football recruitment is one that showcases not only his exceptional physical abilities but also his dedication to building meaningful relationships, pursuing academic excellence, and making a well-timed commitment. With his impressive skill set, unwavering drive, and the support of these top-notch programs, Franklin is poised to leave a lasting impact on the college football scene.

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