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2024 3-Star LB: DJ McCormick Jr. (UCF Commit)

Rockledge High School standout DJ McCormick Jr., a highly-touted 3-star linebacker, has just made an exciting announcement regarding his college football career. McCormick has committed to the University of Central Florida (UCF), a decision influenced by several key factors.

When asked about the factors that influenced his commitment, McCormick emphasized the importance of staying close to home. He expressed his desire to play in front of his family and the people in his city, stating, "I wanna put on for them, and UCF is big on family. I felt it this week, and my family definitely did." This sentiment highlights his strong connection to his roots and the motivation to make his loved ones proud.

McCormick believes that his commitment to UCF will contribute significantly to both his personal and athletic growth as a high school football player. By joining a college football program at a Power 5 level, he anticipates gaining valuable experience. Furthermore, McCormick believes that this decision will allow him to enjoy his senior year with less stress, enabling him to focus on his high school teammates and lead them to states. He also expects it to positively impact his academics, stating, "It will help me focus more on my academics and graduating earlier." This dedication to both his athletic and academic pursuits showcases McCormick's well-rounded approach to his future.

In preparation for the challenges and opportunities that await him at UCF, McCormick has taken proactive steps both athletically and academically. He has been diligent in his workouts and committed himself to the weight room, thanks to the unwavering support of his father. McCormick acknowledges his father's influence, stating, "My dad stayed on me and made sure I wasn't ever doin' nothin'." Additionally, his mother played a crucial role in supporting his academic development. Whether it meant studying extra or seeking the help of a tutor, McCormick's mother ensured he stayed on track, emphasizing the importance of excelling in the classroom.

As DJ McCormick Jr. looks ahead to his college football journey at UCF, his commitment to his family, his teammates, and his academic and athletic growth is evident. Rockledge High School and the state of Florida can be proud of this young linebacker, who is ready to make an impact both on and off the field.

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